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The best defense attorney HANDS DOWN.

My 18 yr old son got in some trouble & was given a public defender who “negotiated” 2 deals that were absolutely ridiculous & no better than the original charge when it came down to it so he pled “not guilty” & the DA literally said “your honor maybe if we remind him to custody it will give him time to think about it” (as if all the sudden he would be guilty because he was in jail, which I know most do get weary and that’s how the DA gets them to take these faulty deals anyways) we new that we had to get an attorney. I had originally saw Mrs. Feliciano’s profile on LinkdIn so I reached out to her and the very first time she appeared in court with my son everything was dropped 2 misdemeanors which is really what the case should have been worth in the beginning but nobody was willing to speak up on behalf of this 18yr old black male would never been in trouble before except for Amy! We are so grateful for her professionalism & the way she just tells it like it is to us as her client & everyone else! She took the time to explain 2 myself and my son the whole legal process & made sure that we understood it completely unlike others who just talk legalese and expect us to understand and God forbid we had a question because it never got answered nor did we ever get a phone call back from the public defenders…


- (5 star review)

Loyal, honest, excellent attorney!

I met Mrs. Feliciano when she was still a student at UNLV. She was placed on my older brothers defense team to help with his case during a murder trail. She was one of the most dedicated, respectful, passionate hard working young ladies I had ever met. With the teams hard work my brother was later taken off death row. A lot of time has passed since his case was overturned. I contacted her regarding questions about sealing my personal records. To my surprise she remembered exactly who I was. I also told her it had been 8 years since I last saw my older brother, since he was moved to a farther prison. Within a month she made it possible for me to travel to the prison and visit my brother. She has done so much for my family as a student, now as an attorney with years of experience she is helping me seal my records. All the money in the world couldn’t come close to what she deserves. If you want the best representation for what ever your case my be she is definitely the one to call. I was and forever will be grateful for all her hard work and dedication.

- (5 star review)

Thank you!

Excellent and knowledgeable attorney. I feel blessed to have found her here through Avvo and for the first time in years I can breathe easy and know that my case is being handled by a true professional.

- (5 star review)