Practice Areas


The appeals process clarifies and interprets laws to determine if a lower court decision was correct. In the appellate process, the case is presented to an appellate court instead of a jury. However, before any oral arguments happen, the attorneys will write persuasive briefs advancing their client's case. After that, the appellate court may ask the attorneys to orally argue the case and the briefs. The appellate court the chance to question the attorneys about their arguments. An appellate attorney must be skilled to handle questions and legal theories presented by the appellate court because the appellate court can affirm, reverse, or dismiss the lower court or jury's decision. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano has the knowledge and experience to successfully handle the entire appellate process, from researching and writing exceptional briefs to delivering poised and persuasive oral arguments.

Criminal Defense

Whether the police suspect you of a crime or you have been formally charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect and fight for your rights. The police will immediately try to interrogate you. The police will try to convince you that you don't need an attorney by telling you that they are just "interviewing" you. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Without a skilled criminal defense attorney by your side, the police will try to coerce you into falsely confessing, admitting to facts that aren't true, and saying something that will later be twisted around to be used against you. Don’t say anything unless attorney Amy A. Feliciano is at your side. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano has represented thousand of clients facing criminal prosecution, including misdemeanors and felonies. Her successes include complete dismissal of criminal cases, dismissal of charges, reduction in charges, not-guilty jury verdicts, probation rather than prison time, and excellent sentencing outcomes.


DUI and DWI charges carry harsh penalties in Nevada and must be dealt with as soon as possible. If you face DUI or DWI charges, it is imperative that you seek counsel from a trusted attorney such as Amy A. Feliciano.

Juvenile Defense

When a minor is accused of breaking the law in Nevada, his or her case will begin in the juvenile court. The consequences for juvenile delinquency can be serious, and it is important to have a qualified attorney when your child is facing any type of charge.

Violent Crime

Violent crimes like battery and domestic violence can carry extraordinarily harsh penalties. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, it is critical that you get in touch with a trusted criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right lawyer can provide the aggressive representation needed to bring about a favorable case resolution. Look to Amy A. Feliciano for the compassionate, professional, and experienced support you need during this stressful time.