The appeals process clarifies and interprets laws to determine if a lower court decision was correct.  In the appellate process, the case is presented to an appellate court instead of a jury. However, before any oral arguments happen, the attorneys will write persuasive briefs advancing their client’s case.  After that, the appellate court may ask the attorneys to orally argue the case and the briefs, thereby giving the appellate court the chance to question the attorneys about their arguments. An appellate attorney must be skilled to handle questions and legal theories presented by the appellate court because the appellate court can affirm, reverse, or vacate the lower court or jury’s decision. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano has the knowledge and experience to successfully handle the entire appellate process, from researching and writing exceptional briefs to delivering poised and persuasive oral arguments.

How Attorney Amy A. Feliciano Helps

Appeals are very research intensive.  Appeals require a strong and expansive knowledge of the law. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano researches existing legal cases and stays on top of all new laws and cases to find grounds for an appeal.  Amy knows that the appellate courts decide most cases based only on the written brief with no oral argument, so Amy carefully takes the time required to prepare the best possible written brief that she can. But when the appellate court orders oral argument in a case, Amy A. Feliciano’s experience orally arguing cases before Nevada’s appellate courts means that she is immediately prepared to effectively argue the case and intelligently and persuasively answer the court’s questions.

If you’ve lost a case in court, turn to attorney Amy A. Feliciano for appellate representation.  She is passionate about protecting her clients’ rights and ensuring that their court process was fair and just.