Criminal Defense

Whether the police suspect you have committed a crime or you have been formally charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect and fight for your rights. If you’re a suspect, law enforcement will try to interrogate you. Don’t say anything unless Attorney Amy A. Feliciano is at your side. She will ensure that the police do not coerce you into falsely confessing or saying something that could be used against you later. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano has represented thousands of clients facing criminal prosecution, including misdemeanors and felonies. Her successes include complete dismissal of criminal cases, dismissal of charges, reduction in charges, not-guilty verdicts from jury trials, and excellent sentencing outcomes such as probation rather than prison time.

Development of a Strong Criminal Defense Strategy: Attorney Amy A. Feliciano

Attorney Amy A. Feliciano works hard to develop a strong criminal defense strategy to achieve a not-guilty verdict.  The prosecution will try its hardest to prove its case, but an experienced criminal defense attorney will fight even harder to expose all of the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case that show the jury reasonable doubt about the client’s guilt.  Amy thoroughly investigates each case; interviewing police and witnesses, investigating the location(s) of the alleged crime(s), and visiting the police evidence vault to examine the physical evidence obtained in the case. She also evaluates the prosecution’s evidence, such as DNA, fingerprint, and firearms reports. When needed, Amy consults with top expert witnesses to testify at trial to refute the prosecution’s case. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano has the trial experience and courtroom skills to carefully select a jury, present an impactful opening statement, aggressively cross-examine witnesses, and close with a strong statement. She is a formidable presence in the courtroom.

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When you’re charged with a crime, there is a lot at stake. Potential consequences include a loss of freedom with a prison sentence, hefty fines, loss of professional license and occupation, and a tarnished reputation. Let Attorney Amy A. Feliciano work for you to achieve the best outcome.  And, to further protect your rights, Amy is experienced in the appellate process and will immediately file for an appeal if you are denied fairness and justice during your criminal case. Attorney Amy A. Feliciano knows how to present a compelling case and strong oral argument before the appellate courts.

If you’re charged with a crime, let the experience of Attorney Amy A. Feliciano work for you.