Violent Crime

Violent crimes like battery and domestic violence can carry extraordinarily harsh penalties. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, it is critical that you get in touch with a trusted criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right lawyer can provide the aggressive representation needed to bring about a favorable case resolution. Look to Amy A. Feliciano for the compassionate, professional, and experienced support you need during this stressful time.

Types of Violent Crime

From assault to murder, a variety of crimes can be classified as violent. These crimes are nearly always felonies, so alleged offenders face a strong possibility of prison time if their charges are not reduced or dropped altogether. The following are a few of the most common violent criminal charges:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • DUI or DWI causing Substantial Bodily Harm or Death
  • Sexual Assault/Rape
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Domestic Violence
  • Battery
  • Child Abuse

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you’ve been accused of committing a violent crime, your case may seem hopeless. However, a skilled and compassionate criminal defense attorney can help bring your hope back by working to get you the best possible case outcome.  The right attorney may help you avoid prison by having felonies reduced to misdemeanors or even have your case dismissed.

A good criminal lawyer will guide you through all phases of the criminal justice process, beginning with the initial police interrogation and ending in appellate court, if necessary. One of the most important elements of this process is pre-trial investigation, during which the right lawyer will carefully gather evidence and analyze all discovery and documents to find the inconsistencies that destroy the prosecution’s case. Additionally, criminal defense lawyers conduct thorough interviews with witnesses, who they may later question in court.

Prior to appearing in court and throughout your entire case, your attorney should give you a thorough overview of the legal process so that you know what to expect. Your attorney should answer all of your questions and discuss the entire criminal case and process with you.  Knowing what to expect during your criminal case will not only help ease your stress and calm your nerves, it also helps you think clearly when making important decisions and assisting your attorney in fighting for you to be found not guilty.

Amy A. Feliciano: Aggressive Defense For Alleged Offenders in Las Vegas

Criminal charges need not be the beginning of the end.  With Amy A. Feliciano by your side, you can get through this difficult time and avoid many of the harsh penalties involved with violent felonies. Amy is also compassionate, caring, and most-importantly, never judgmental of any client.  A client’s criminal allegations, alleged confession, prior criminal record, or any other factor never affects the quality of Amy’s legal representation.  Amy always gives each and every one of her clients the best possible representation that she can.